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Decoding the Lingo: Understanding the Different Types of Nail Sets We Offer at Chan's Nails & Spa

June 19, 20231 min read

When you walk into a nail salon, the array of service options can sometimes be overwhelming. At Chan's Nails & Spa, we're here to help you understand the different types of nail sets we offer.

Acrylic Regular: This is a type of artificial nail made from a mixture of liquid and powder that forms a hard, protective layer over your natural nail.

Acrylic Tips: These are extensions placed at the tips of your nails, then covered with acrylic for a long, elegant look.

French Tips + Gel: This is a classic nail style featuring a white tip with a sheer nude or pink base, finished with a layer of gel polish for durability and shine.

Color Tips: Similar to French tips, but with a colored tip instead of the traditional white.

Acrylic Gel: This combines the strength of acrylics with the glossy finish of gels for a durable, shiny nail.

Pink & White: Also known as "permanent French" or "two-tone," this look involves the application of white acrylic to the tip and pink acrylic to the base of the nail.

Dipping Powder: This is a long-lasting nail treatment where your nails are dipped in colored powder, then sealed with a clear protective polish.

Ombre: This style features a gradient effect, with color that transitions from lighter at the base to darker at the tips.

Art Gel: This involves the application of gel polish followed by hand-painted designs for a unique, artistic look.

Whether you're a fan of the classic look or want to try something new and trendy, Chan's Nails & Spa has the perfect nail set for you. Come in and let us help you find your next signature look.

Trung Le

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